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4 Foods That Trigger Muscle Tension, Pain and Cramping

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​We put together this video to show you the common causes of muscle cramps, muscle pain and tension (that we see with clients in our practice).When we look at our clients’ diets…we usually find one OR more of these foods.Often, just getting rid of these foods will alleviate nighttime cramps, pain, or even muscle spasms.But […]

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How to Read Your Results – EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test: A Step-by-Step Guide

SaltWrap subscribers and readers get 10% off EverlyWell’s Food Sensitivity Test. To get your discount, apply code “MY2017” at checkout when you place your order at the link below.  The purpose of this post is to show you how to read the results of EverlyWell’s Food Sensitivity Test.And more importantly, what to do about it.If you […]

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How to Use the EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test: A Step-by-Step Guide

Every feel like you might have bad reactions to certain foods? Like headaches, diarrhea, fatigue or joint pain?Even if you have good “food instincts” (which we talk about a lot), it’s almost impossible to nail down WHICH foods are causing WHAT reactions.An inflammatory response to a food can develop over the course of 2 or […]

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How to Set Fitness Goals: The SaltWrap Fitness Goals Series

Learn the #1 reason fitness programs fail and how to build a goal system that works automatically In a world of high-tech fitness apps…you’d think that setting (and accomplishing) goals would be a no-brainer, right?But it’s the opposite.The more we lean on technology, the more disconnected we are from our goals. This short course will […]

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Support Memory Function with the Arctic Herb: Rhodiola rosea*

Mag R&R contains Rhodiola Rosea.

Short-term memory (or “active memory”) is the capacity for holding a small amount of information in mind that is readily available for use.It’s one of the most functional types of intelligence, because we use short-term memory in virtually everything we do.Where are my car keys? (Short-term memory)What did I walk into the bedroom for? (Short-term […]

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Stop Muscle Cramps with These Natural Muscle Relaxers (In Your Kitchen Right Now)

Himalayan Salt - Muscle Relaxer | Saltwrap

​Nighttime muscle cramps and spasms can ruin your sleep quality, leaving you feeling groggy in the morning.But turning to prescription or OTC muscle relaxers isn’t always the best solution.These drugstore options treat symptoms—not the causes—of muscle tension and pain.And, they can be highly addictive when used outside of their intended purpose.You’re better off first addressing […]

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