How to Use the EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test: A Step-by-Step Guide

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - How to

Every feel like you might have bad reactions to certain foods?
Like headaches, diarrhea, fatigue or joint pain?

Even if you have good "food instincts" (which we talk about a lot), it's almost impossible to nail down WHICH foods are causing WHAT reactions.

An inflammatory response to a food can develop over the course of 2 or even 3 days after you eat it. This makes it tough to determine the cause of your symptoms.

And, symptoms are often tough to put a finger on.

You might not become physically ill, but you just don't feel like yourself. Or you have digestive discomfort that's..well.. inconvenient, to say the least.

This is where a food sensitivity test can save the day.

That's what this post is all about. I'm going to show you exactly how it works, and what you can do with your results.

Before we dive into HOW to take the test, I want to tell you a little about EverlyWell.

This is a really cool company. They specialize in affordable, at-home tests that you'd typically have to pay $1,000+ for. And often would need a prescription for. Or would have to see a specialist.

One of my favorite tests they offer is the Food Sensitivity Test.
To me, it's the most actionable and widely applicable test they offer.

We commonly refer our clients to EverlyWell when we can't get past weird symptoms like fatigue, joint pain, or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

In fact, we're such big fans that we've partnered with EverlyWell to bring you the at-home Food Sensitivity Test at a substantial discount.
They are a company I trust, and have nothing but good things to say about their customer service.

You are in good hands with them.

SaltWrap subscribers get 10% off the Food Sensitivity Test.

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At-Home Food Sensitivity Test

How to Use the EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test:
A Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Open the box.
The first thing you'll see is the return shipping label.
This is what you will use to send your results back to EverlyWell (postage is already paid, so you don't need to buy extra postage).

We'll come back to that.

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - Box Contents

The top section of the box contains a small sleeve of band-aids, which you'll need in a minute.

Step 2: Lift the tab that says "Lift to Begin".

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - Steps

You should have two tabs inside the box. #1 and #2.

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - 1 and 2 steps

Step 3: Lift the tab that says "1" and pull out your lancing devices.

Lancing devices, also known as "finger prickers", are the tools you'll use to prick your finger and get a blood sample.

EverlyWell provides two sizes of lancing devices.
Blue = small, Yellow = large.

Maybe it's because I have callouses on my fingers, but the larger lancing devices worked better for me (the yellow ones in the image below).

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - Finger Prick

Step 4: IMPORTANT: read the steps on the purple card included in your kit.

I'll walk you through each step, but it's a good idea to read this and get an overview of the process.

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - Step by Step Guide

Step 5: Write your name and the date on the blood sample collection card.

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - Step by Step Guide - name card

Step 6: Prep the prick site.
Make sure you clean the finger you plan on pricking with the sanitation wipe included in your kit.

Then let your hand (the hand you plan on pricking) dangle at your side for about 20 seconds. This helps you get a better blood sample.

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - Step by Step Guide - clean fingers

Step 7: Prick your finger to draw blood.
Notice how my finger is floating in the air as I'm about to prick it?
That's how NOT to do this (I learned that the hard way).

You'll get a much cleaner, effective blood sample if you rest your finger against something stable. Like the table.

Making sure that the lancing device is flush against your finger (touching it straight on, not at an angle) then go ahead and forcefully push down on the lancing device until you hear a click.

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - Step by Step Guide - how to draw blood

If the lancing device successfully penetrated your skin, you'll see a small dot of blood boil up on your finger. It doesn't hurt much. You'll just feel a small prick.

If you don't get a good sample, try again on a different finger.
Use the larger (yellow) lancing device if necessary to ensure you get a good blood sample.

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - Step by Step Guide - how to get blood

Step 8: Fill up the blood sample card.
Do this by carefully touching your finger to each bubble, until most of the bubble is filled up (just like those multiple choice questions in school).

You may have to massage your finger or let your handle dangle at your side to get enough blood to flow out.

Doesn't need to be perfect. Just fill the majority of each bubble with your blood sample.

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - Step by Step Guide - best practices

Step 9: Clean the prick site and bandage up.
At this point you can wash your hands or use another sanitation wipe to clean the prick site on your finger.
Use one of the band-aids provided by EverlyWell to bandage up your finger.

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - Step by Step Guide - clean finger

Step 10: Put the blood sample card in the plastic bag provided and prepare for shipment.
First fold up the blood sample card so the blood spots are not exposed.
Then slide the card into the plastic zip-lock bag provided in your kit.

Make sure the plastic bag is sealed, and place it back into the box that  your kit arrived in. Put the lid on the box.

(No need to send them back leftover lancing devices, band-aids, or instructions.  They only need the blood collection sample card in the bag.)

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - Step by Step Guide - how to get results

Step 11: Package for shipment.
Now you can place the box (with lid on it) inside the white shipping envelope included in your kit.

Retrieve the pre-filled shipping label and stick it on the outside of your package.

Make sure the white shipping envelope is sealed up properly, and you're ready to ship.

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - Step by Step Guide - How to ship back

Step 12: Ship.
My kit came with a pre-filled USPS postage sticker.
So I simply placed the package in my mail box and waited for my mail carrier to pick it up.

That's it. Now you just wait a few days for the lab to process the results.

If you have any questions about the process, you can call EverlyWell at the number listed on their support card: 512-309-5588.

But before you do, keep reading. They make interpreting your results incredibly easy.

Check out this post on my personal results.
I'll show you how to interpret the results, AND what to do about it.

There are a couple key lessons that can help you self-diagnose and get rid of foods that are dragging you down.

 >> How to Read Your Results – EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - Step by Step Guide - Customer Support

About two weeks after shipping back my blood sample, I got this email from EverlyWell, notifying me that my results were ready to be viewed:

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Kit - Step by Step Guide - Emailed Results

Turns out I was eating the most reactive foods almost every day...

Read the article about my Food Sensitivity Test here.

-Brendan Hall
Director of R&D, SaltWrap

At-Home Food Sensitivity Test