4 Foods That Trigger Muscle Tension, Pain and Cramping

​We put together this video to show you the common causes of muscle cramps, muscle pain and tension (that we see with clients in our practice).

When we look at our clients' diets...we usually find one OR more of these foods.
Often, just getting rid of these foods will alleviate nighttime cramps, pain, or even muscle spasms.

But sometimes that's not enough.

​Which is why we developed Mag R&R: the first natural muscle relaxant designed to address these specific issues.

So I suppose I gave away the "surprise" ending of the video!  

All of our research on these issues led to the development of Mag R&R.
This presentation demonstrates that.

We created this video for two reasons:
(1) to expose more people to Mag R&R (at least I'm honest, right?)
(2) to show you some natural ways you can alleviate cramps, pain, spasms, etc. ---without any pills or supplements.

​Click the link below to watch our video now:

>> ​4 Foods That Trigger Muscle Tension, Pain & Cramping