I let my A.C.E. Certification lapse several years ago.

I'd started focusing more on nutrition than one-on-one fitness training, and also started taking on other jobs. So keeping up with the time and expense of the C.E.C.'s (Continuing Education Credits) just didn't make sense any more.

I still use my ACE Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist Manual as a key resource when researching new strategies or methods. And the training I received through A.C.E. laid a solid foundation for understanding exercise programming.

But the most valuable lesson of all?

Working with clients who despite their best efforts to follow "the program" were not able to make progress. Were not able to stay healthy. And weren't able to do basic moves and activities because of physical issues that needed addressed. This opened my eyes to the need for a different way of thinking about movement and nutrition. And sewed the early seeds for what would become SaltWrap.