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A Primer on Sports Nutrition for Injury Recovery & Prevention

sports nutrition for injury - a primer

By Scott We received some great feedback on our article, Supplements for Injury Recovery: The Definitive Guide.But one thing kept coming up when speaking with our clients: it’s a lot to take in.That’s why we created this short(er) primer article.It covers the main concepts of sports nutrition for injuries without getting into the weeds of […]

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Supplements for Injury Recovery: The Definitive Guide

soccer player ankle injury supplements

By Scott Athletes and Weekend Warriors depend on Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen to manage pain and inflammation after an injury.But long-term studies show NSAIDs do more harm than good.They interfere with the natural healing process, reduce collagen mass at injury repair sites, and increase chances of re-injury by as much as 25%.Though your doctor […]

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How to Recover from Any Injury: The Ultimate 5-Step Injury Recovery Guide

5 step injury recovery process saltwrap knee wrap

By Scott When it comes to injuries, there are a million and one theories on the best way to approach recovery. Should you rest? Ice? Deep tissue massage? Seek medical attention?Like a good scientist, our answer is “it depends.” It depends on your injury, your level of fitness, symptoms, personal history and more. But, that […]

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