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George Carlin used to throw away his entire act each year.
Start from scratch.
And write a brand new one.

When you think about how long it takes a professional comedian to write enough jokes to fill a full performance, vet and test those jokes over time during live shows, then finally polish the act enough so that it's "complete" — this is pretty astounding.

Kind of crazy actually.

Most comedians coast for several years after they wrap up a perfectly polished act.
Starting over EVERY year is almost unthinkable.

..."and each one was deeper than the next..."
- Louis C.K., on George Carlin's comedy specials

So why did he do it?

As Louis C.K. explains in a tribute to Carlin, when you throw away your old, tired material, your only choice is to dig deeper.

To pull more meaningful material out of the basement.


I'm not comparing our stuff to Carlin.

But it's inspiring anyway.

For us, it was time to throw away our old, obligatory articles with 500 words of basic health news.

Stuff that just fills up the internet and doesn't really solve any problems.

That's all gone now.

And, we have a much clearer picture of who we are than we did a few years ago.
And a better idea of who we're here to help. 
These two main ideas will be reinforced in everything we put out going forward.

The fact that we have trashed virtually every post [all but two reference articles] is our way of committing to a whole new way of thinking about the blog.

The other website and online nerds (I can say that 'coz I'm one of 'em) would say this is stupid. That we're losing valuable website juice. And maybe even deleting things people would like to read. Or that potential customers would review to make sure we know what we're talking about.

But I argue that scrapping our old articles is more valuable than any potential monetary or website traffic value lost.

​​It allows us to set a new, higher benchmark for the stuff we put out.
And work to actually solve problems.
Not just fill up your inbox and newsletter feed.

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Author: Scott Hogan

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I created SaltWrap to bring together the most practical ideas in therapeutic nutrition and exercise science — with the goal of keeping you (and myself) strong, mobile, and built to last.

I've worked as an A.C.E. (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer, Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach (A.C.E.), and nutritional supplement formulator.

But more importantly — I've spent most of my life battling injuries, joint pain, and just being plain beat up. So I know what it's like to struggle toward fitness goals.

SaltWrap is here to push you through injuries, setbacks and perceived physical limitations. To a place beyond what you think you're capable of.
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