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Core Purpose

To help our customers conquer pain, injuries, physical setbacks, and mental barriers to realize their fitness goals.
How? With cutting-edge therapeutic sports nutrition supplements, value-added content, and genuine human connection.

How We Work Together

  • We are a customer-centric team, offering real solutions to real people. Based on science, clinical evidence, and our experience.
  • We are a remote team based on EST working hours.
  • We view every team member as lifelong friend and relationship. Investing in the right people is our top priority and greatest strength.

  • Open Positions

    Table Of Contents

    Ecommerce Manager

    Summary of Duties and Responsibilities: We are looking for an e-commerce manager to be the "glue" that holds our back-end processes, marketing initiatives, and projects together. This position requires deep knowledge of our brand and our customers, excellent communication skills, details orientation, and the ability to simply get stuff done.

    The ideal candidate will be an experienced e-commerce professional who is passionate about health and fitness, excited about joining our growing team, and able to work remotely.

    Reports to: CEO


    • 4+ years experience in e-commerce management, administration, and marketing
    • Proficiency with Shopify, Amazon Seller, and WordPress platforms
    • Experience with various e-commerce applications such as email service providers (e.g. Active Campaign), blog platforms, customer service ticketing systems, and inventory management programs
    • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
    • Energized by high growth, entrepreneurial environment
    • Ability to work remotely

    Functional Accountabilities:

    Front end website platform management

    • Website platform management (liaison with development team) for Shopify, WordPress, and Amazon Seller Central
    • Serve as Project Manager for various marketing programs, applications, and content implementations on our website platforms
    • Work with freelance writers, web development team, and various marketing agencies to produce content and publish on our website platforms.

    Marketing and content management processes

    • Create and manage launch strategies for new products and services
    • Update website assets in coordination with marketing team members to drive conversion rate optimization (CRO), average order value (AOV), customer experience, and loyalty
    • Manage marketing program analytics and reporting, while continually identifying opportunities for improvement based on customer experience and profitability
    • Maintain and execute promotional calendar, including updates to social media sites, email marketing, SMS, and direct response advertising.
    • Create and maintain split testing (A/B tests) to continually improve customer experience and campaign performance

    Supervise backend operations including inventory, fulfillment, and customer service operations.

    • Complete weekly inventory reporting with purchasing recommendations based on product sell-through and sales forecasts
    • Work directly with vendors to complete purchase orders and manage payment processes
    • Oversee and monitor order management and fulfillment systems to ensure seamless customer experience and smooth operations
    • Participate in customer service support to ensure all customers receive resolution of their needs within reasonable timeframe
    • Oversee customer service representative (CSR) department, establishing and maintaining procedures for ticket responses and policies

    Compensation and Support

    • Location: This position is 100% remote with rare/occasional travel for corporate meetings.
    • Compensation: Salaried position, compensation dependent on experience and skillset.
    • Benefits: Medical/dental/vision insurance, 401K/retirement with matching contributions
    • Tools & Support: Access to "virtual office" website, all software tools, and VPN access to our company files from any location.

    Job Details

    Experience desired by function: e-commerce operations, project management, customer support, customer experience, content management, accounts payable, analytics & reporting, marketing administration, paid acquisition (advertising), conversion rate optimization (CRO), retention, social media.

    Systems power user: The E-commerce Manager (EM) will be trained and given the tools to become an expert in the following systems. Experience with one or more of these is desired: Shopify, WordPress, Amazon Seller Central, Inventory Management Software, Google Analytics, Microsoft Office (emphasis on Microsoft Excel), Microsoft Teams, Project Management Software (e.g. Trello).

    For consideration, email a letter of interest and your resume to submissions@saltwrap.com.

    Freelance Writer

    We are always looking for talented writers with education and experience in health and wellness, including but not limited to physical therapists, certified personal trainers, nutritionists, and medical researchers.

    About SaltWrap

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    from the founder, Scott Hogan

    I created SaltWrap to bring together the most practical ideas in therapeutic sports nutrition, corrective exercise, and functional fitness — with the goal of keeping you (and myself) strong, mobile, and built to last.

    I've worked as an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, and nutritional supplement formulator.

    But more importantly — I've spent most of my life battling injuries, joint pain, and just being plain beat up.  So I know what it's like to struggle to stay healthy. Let alone make substantial progress toward strength, athleticism, or body composition goals.

    If that sounds like you, hear this:
    With the right strategy, you can work through these physical obstacles and build a body you're proud of. And that stands the test of time.

    SaltWrap is here to guide you through injuries, training plateaus, nutritional deficiencies — and whatever else life may throw at you — so you can get the most out of your body and mind.

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