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Hacking Cortisol: Your Body’s Chief Stress Hormone

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Amy Cuddy woke up in a head injury rehabilitation ward.The details of the accident were still fuzzy, but she quickly learned that she had been withdrawn from college.And that her IQ had decreased by two standard deviations…She was 19. And over the next several years, she battled to catch up with her studies while healing […]

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Stop Muscle Cramps with These Natural Muscle Relaxers (In Your Kitchen Right Now)

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​Nighttime muscle cramps and spasms can ruin your sleep quality, leaving you feeling groggy in the morning.But turning to prescription or OTC muscle relaxers isn’t always the best solution.These drugstore options treat symptoms—not the causes—of muscle tension and pain.And, they can be highly addictive when used outside of their intended purpose.You’re better off first addressing […]

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The Top 5 Natural Muscle Relaxers

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If you’re experiencing muscle tension and pain, you might be considering using prescription muscle relaxers.Think carefully though… synthetic muscle relaxers can be addictive and dangerous when taken outside of their intended use.The problem with OTC and prescription muscle relaxers is that they don’t get to the root of the problem.  They only treat symptoms.By inhibiting […]

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