Stop Muscle Cramps with These Natural Muscle Relaxers (In Your Kitchen Right Now)

Nighttime muscle cramps and spasms can ruin your sleep quality, leaving you feeling groggy in the morning.

But turning to prescription or OTC muscle relaxers isn't always the best solution.
These drugstore options treat symptoms—not the causes—of muscle tension and pain.
And, they can be highly addictive when used outside of their intended purpose.

You're better off first addressing the causes of muscle tension with natural, proven solutions.

These natural muscle relaxers and pain fighters are probably in your kitchen right now.

1. Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt get its pink colors from varying levels of minerals and nutrients. Packed with 74 different naturally-occurring minerals, this pink substance is the King of Sodium.

It contains about 98% sodium chloride, 0.07% magnesium, 0.05 sulfate and about 0.0006% iron.

In addition to helping balance electrolytes in your body for proper cell functioning, Himalyan Salt also:

- Increases hydration
- Regulates water content in muscle cells
- Helps balance pH levels
- Prevents muscle cramps
- Supports a healthy metabolism
- Improves circulation
- Aids in digestion and nutrient absorption

Himalayan Salt - Muscle Relaxer | Saltwrap

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Cherries Muscle Relaxer | Saltwrap

2. Cherry Juice

Some athletes prefer cherry juice to NSAIDS or traditional pain relievers. Studies have shown that runners who consume cherry juice around their event demonstrate lower inflammation levels, improved muscle recovery, and lower perceived pain levels.

Look for 100% tart cherry juice in your grocery store, and drink 1 to 2 oz. daily (or as needed when experiencing muscle tension, pain or muscle cramping).

3. Cayenne Pepper

This spicy pepper has an incredibly wide range of health benefits related to pain relief...

Digestive support, migraine relief, joint & nerve pain, and anti-irritant.
Cayenne pepper is also a thermogenic, meaning it creates heat in your body that increases calorie burning capacity.

Sprinkle cayenne pepper extract into meat dishes, eggs, and vegetables for a spicy pain relieving meal.

4. Bananas

Loaded with potassium and magnesium, the mineral content of bananas help balance out the sodium-heavy Standard American Diet (S.A.D.).

One banana contains 12% of your daily recommended amount of potassium, and 8% of your daily recommended magnesium. Which is why bananas are a staple in the arsenal of endurance athletes to prevent muscle cramping and improve muscle performance.

Try using bananas mixed with coconut water in a fruit smoothie to increase your intake of electrolytes and key minerals even more.

These kitchen muscle relaxers can go a long way toward helping you neutralize muscle tension and pain.
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