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Planned improvements to Pre-Clinic 2.0:

  • Better taste
  • Better mixability and natural anti-caking/clumping solutions
  • More innovative ingredients for joint comfort


Product Summary:

In order for your joints to respond favorably to exercise, they need the right nutrients (at the right time).

Nutrients that support healthy collagen structures for strong joints, synovial fluid balance for joint lubrication, and an optimal recovery response so your body is built up by training—instead of breaking down.

This is the missing link in sports nutrition.

And this is why we created Pre-Clinic.


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Product Description


Dosage Guidelines:


Mix one scoop into 10-12 ounces of water immediately prior to exercise (within 30 minutes prior).


If you are sensitive to caffeine, start with 1/2 scoop to assess your tolerance.



Product Description


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why would I buy Pre-Clinic when I can get another pre-workout supplement for $30-$40 for a month supply?

: Pre-Clinic is a pre-workout supplement, joint supplement, and more all wrapped up into one. Even though it’s slightly more expensive than most pre-workout supplements, it’s more affordable than buying 3-4 different bottles of separate supplements for energy, joints, recovery, etc. (which could easily cost you $90-$100+).

Also, Pre-Clinic contains clinically supported dosages of premium ingredients like L-Citrulline, Type II collagen, and patented ingredients with standardized processing to ensure quality and consistency.

Simply put, Pre-Clinic uses only the best ingredients. Once you try it, you’ll see why it’s worth the extra effort.

If you’re on the fence because of price, take a leap and try it out. You can always request a refund anytime within 90 days if it’s not working for you (see full return policy here).

Q: Can I take Pre-Clinic if I’m sensitive to caffeine?

: Check with your doctor first if you are taking medication or have any concerns. It contains about 236 mg of caffeine per serving. If you are sensitive to caffeine, start with ½ serving to assess your tolerance.

Q: How long will Pre-Clinic last?

: Each bottle of Pre-Clinic contains 20 servings, which will last you about a month if you work out 4-5 days per week.

Q: Can I take Pre-Clinic on days I don’t work out?

A: Yes, you can take Pre-Clinic anytime you want for energy or just to get extra joint comfort and support. Avoid taking it later in the day to prevent sleep disruption.

Q: How does Kollagen Type 2™ differ from other collagen supplements and collagen blends?

A: The biggest difference between Kollagen Type 2™ and other collagen supplements is that it is not an isolated extract, and it is not a blend of different collagens including Types I, II, and III. While Types I and III are primarily responsible for the mechanical loading properties of tendons and ligaments in the body, Type II is found primarily in cartilage (and appears to helpful for managing intercartilagenous inflammation).

Also, Kollagen Type 2™ is created using a patented process that allows the collagen to maintain its natural structure, where it is bound to other extracellular components like chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. The preservation of collagen's natural structure improves bioavailability, allowing it to survive harsh conditions more effectively in the stomach.

(Kollagen Type 2™ uses the same patented process as the collagen used in our total joint recovery blend, Joint Clinic. The only difference is that the collagen blend used in Joint Clinic also contains egg-shell membrane for additional collagen-building effects.)

Q: Is the collagen in Pre-Clinic (Kollagen Type 2™) denatured or undenatured?

A: Denaturization refers to a process that renders a natural compound essentially unrecognizable to the body (usually by affecting the pH or breaking the compound into its constituent parts in a way that damages the original product). Kollagen Type™ is undenatured, retaining its original 3D form (molecular structure).

Q: How do I get a refund if I don’t love it?

A: Our self-guided refund portal makes it super easy: just visit For first orders of only one bottle, we won’t even ask you to return the unused portion. If you order more than one bottle, we do ask that you send back the unopened ones so we can restock them (after thorough inspection).


Product Description

Pre-Clinic is the first pre-workout energy drink that also protects joint health.


It delivers on all four pillars of [sustainable] pre-workout nutrition:


  1. Clean, natural-feeling energy without the negative side effects of artificial stimulants.
  2. Joint lubrication, comfort, strength and mobility.
  3. Long-lasting muscular endurance without the crash.
  4. Optimal recovery response from muscles, joints, and the Central Nervous System (CNS).


You’ll see why Pre-Clinic will give you better sustained energy (without the jitters or crash) in just a minute.


But first, let’s look at what it can do for your tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones:


Exercise-induced Joint Pain

The ingredients in Pre-Clinic support and soothe overworked joints by promoting synovial fluid production and helping to relieve exercise-related joint pain.


One study of healthy subjects with joint discomfort found that taking undenatured type II collagen before working out allowed them to exercise longer without getting sore.13 The effects were most pronounced after 2-3 months but lasted up to 6 months.


Pre-Clinic contains a patented collagen matrix made from over 90% undenatured Type II collagen along with other ingredients proven to reduce soreness from exercise.16



Joint Mobility & Flexibility

Can a pre-workout energy drink really increase your mobility and flexibility? Sounds far fetched. But when you supply your joints with nutrients that support lubrication and reduced stiffness, your functional mobility improves.


In published human studies, ingredients in Pre-Clinic have improved joint mobility (knee flexion and extension) and WOMAC scores by up to 25% (measures of stiffness, pain, and joint range of motion).


Pre-Clinic contains natural joint structure compounds that help support synovial fluid health for smooth, comfortable, mobile joints.3,10,13



Healthy Inflammation & Immune Response

Ingredients in Pre-Clinic are proven to support healthy inflammation levels, help keep C-Reactive Protein levels down in the healthy range after stressful training, and help reduce joint inflammation from over-exercise.13,44


Pre-Clinic also aids exercise recovery by helping to reduce soreness, protect against exercise-related oxidative damage, and provide both antioxidant and circulation support.17,18



Collagen Protection & Maintenance

Studies show that supplementing with the patented Kollagen Type 2™ and other key ingredients in Pre-Clinic helps preserve collagen mass from age and overuse, increases collagen synthesis within connective tissue structures, and provides the building blocks of healthy tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.12,14,15


pre-workout for joint pain and health


Pre-Clinic is designed to remove the obstacles holding you back from performing at your best.

Pre-Clinic supplies the nutrients your joints need when they need them most.
But it’s much more than just a joint relief supplement.


It contains clinically supported dosages of proven ingredients that help:


  • Boost nitric oxide (N.O.) production for increased blood flow, circulation, and nutrient delivery18
  • Improve focus, strength, and endurance16
  • Rev up your energy metabolism for maximal performance22


Unlike cheap, artificial stimulants and energy drinks, Pre-Clinic contains the patented ingredient Coffeeberry® Energy—with naturally occurring caffeine from coffee cherries.


Coffeeberry® provides naturally occurring polyphenols and antioxidants that support circulation and oxidative stress levels. It provides a cleaner, sharper, and better sustained energy boost than synthetic supplements.


Once you experience what real natural energy feels like, you won’t go back to the synthetic stuff.


Not only does Coffeeberry® provide a better feeling energy rush without the headaches and crash, it’s also a rich source of nutrients. It’s Non-GMO Project Verified, Organic, Eco-Friendly, and sourced from farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance.


Simply put, it’s the best you can get. You’ll feel the difference.


That’s just one ingredient in the formula that delivers unmatched performance benefits.


Let’s look at the list of ingredients so you can see exactly how Pre-Clinic is unlike anything you’ve tried before:




Coffeeberry® Energy


Pre-Clinic contains 285 mg of Coffeeberry Energy® from organic coffee fruit, standardized to 70% caffeine and 30% unique polyphenols from the coffee cherry (200 mg of caffeine).


The source of caffeine is important, but so is the dosage. Too much caffeine causes jitters, blood sugar, drops, catabolic cortisol responses that break down muscle tissue, and increased post-workout inflammation.


None of that is good for your performance or recovery. Despite the popularity of high-dose stimulants in sports nutrition, you can easily overdo it.


A 2018 study published in Frontiers in Nutrition showed that high dosages of caffeine before training deplete phosphocreatine levels in muscles—which is the primary energy reserve center for muscular contraction.26


Another animal study showed that high dosages of stimulants before exercise may lead to undesirable immune and inflammation responses post-exercise.27


Besides, if you are drinking a cup of coffee on top of a caffeine-laced energy drink, you can easily go over the recommended daily limit. According to a comprehensive metastudy on the safety of caffeine, about 400 milligrams per day is the upper limit before caffeine toxicity risk shows up in healthy people.


Chronic consumption above 400 milligrams per day could have negative long-term effects on cardiovascular health, joint health, mood, calcium balance, bone maintenance, fertility, and more.28


The Goldilocks Principle certainly applies here.


Caffeine has undeniable, powerful benefits for strength, performance, and metabolism. But more studies are piling up that show lower dosages (around 200 milligrams) of caffeine improve alertness, mood, and cognitive performance without the negative side effects and hormonal changes that higher dosages cause.


Research indicates that moderate dosages of 3 mg/kg are necessary to get the ergogenic benefits without overdoing it. To put that in perspective, that equates to around 190 mg for a 140 pound woman or 245 mg for a 180 pound man. Dosages above 6 mg/kg don’t offer any additional benefit and put you dangerously close to the safe upper limit.


The right amount of caffeine reduces perceived exertion, improves strength and endurance, and even reduces perceived pain levels.32


That’s right—caffeine is one of the most effective natural analgesics. It’s been shown to increase the effectiveness of pain relievers by up to 40%, which is why you’ll see it added to many OTC products in low doses.3


When you choose the right source of caffeine (from standardized organic coffee cherry) and take a clinically supported dosage that is also safe (around 200 mg for most people), you’ll have more energy and drive without the crash associated with ultra-high doses of synthetic caffeine.




Kollagen Type 2™


Despite the controversy and confusion, research clearly indicates that collagen supplementation is beneficial for joint health—especially for over-worked, stressed, or recovering joints.13


But not all collagen supplements are created equal. And different types of collagen have different functions in the body.


Most of the collagen powders you’ll find online or at a local health food store are made primarily of types I and III, which make up the bulk of your tendon and ligament’s mechanical loading infrastructure.


Type II is found primarily in joint cartilage. Supplementing with undenatured Type II collagen is especially effective at helping manage cartilage inflammation levels and reducing joint pain, even at miniscule dosages of 10–40 milligrams per day.13


While isolated Type II collagen supplements have proven effective for joint relief, we added a patented collagen matrix to Pre-Clinic with even more joint-building benefits. It’s called Kollagen Type 2™.


The biggest difference between Kollagen Type 2™ and other collagen supplements is that it is not an isolated extract, and it is not a blend of different cheap collagen supplements. It’s an undenatured, single-source collagen matrix in its natural 3D molecular structure.


Kollagen Type 2™ is created using a patented process that allows it is to remain bound to other extracellular components like chondroitin and hyaluronic acid.


The preservation of collagen's natural structure improves bioavailability, allowing it to survive the harsh conditions of your stomach more effectively.


The intact structure is also more recognizable by your body, creating a more effective cellular response that kickstarts new collagen production and formation.


Each 750 mg serving of Kollagen Type 2™ contains:


  • Collagen Types I, II and III (at least 93% Type II)
  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Mucopolysaccharides (naturally occurring compounds found in fluid around joints)


With Kollagen Type 2™, you get inflammation support and joint comfort along with the raw extracellular matrix components that form the building block of strong joints.






L-Citrulline is one of most popular sports nutrition products in the world. It’s become a staple ingredient in virtually every quality pre-workout supplement. And it has the research to back it up.


Studies show supplementing with L-Citrulline:


  • Boosts nitric oxide (N.O.) production, resulting in the vasodilation effect—where blood vessels widen, blood flow to muscles increases18
  • Decreases fatigue, increases exercise endurance, and increases total work capacity20,34
  • Increases muscle ATP utilization (for muscular energy) and muscle oxygenation19


While studies show as little as 3 grams supports circulation, you need 6 grams to get the strength, endurance, and recovery benefits.


Pre-Clinic contains 6 grams of the most studied form—L-Citrulline Malate.




Beta Alanine


Beta-alanine is an amino acid with unparalleled effects on muscular endurance. This is why you’ll see it in virtually every legitimate endurance supplement. During exercise, acidic byproducts accumulate in muscle tissue.


The longer this goes on, the more acidic the environment becomes which impairs muscle contraction, eventually resulting in muscular failure. This is where beta-alanine comes in.


When ingested, beta-alanine converts to carnosine, a compound that acts as an acid buffer.40 This process of preventing acid buildup extends the total amount of work muscles can do before fatiguing.


The end result is less fatigue during long sets (a few more repetitions), less fatigue during long workouts, and better overall cardiovascular endurance. Studies show that supplementing with beta-alanine helps:


  • Extend muscular endurance and time to exhaustion36
  • Improves anaerobic (high intensity) exercise capacity38,39
  • Increase muscle mass (likely through its ability to support greater exercise loads)37


The recommended dosage for muscular endurance is 2-5 grams daily. At high doses, a harmless side effect called paresthesia causes a tingly feeling on your skin.35


To reduce this effect while still providing a clinically-supported dosage, we put 3 grams of beta-alanine into every serving of Pre-Clinic.




Green Tea Extract


Most people take green tea for granted because it’s available everywhere.


You may have heard that it contains a compound called EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), popular for its proven ability to increase fat oxidation, reduce fat mass, and improve measures of cardiovascular health. 17,22


EGCG also has one of the most impressive resumes of any natural ergogenic aid. Studies show supplementing with EGCG helps support: 17,22


  • Increased VO2 Max (oxygen uptake: a measure of endurance)
  • Increased cognitive performance and mood
  • Improved blood flow
  • Increased total body metabolic rate (according to one 12-week study)


What doesn’t get enough attention is how EGCG fortifies joints—specifically around exercise-related joint issues. Studies show EGCG from green tea: 15,22


  • has twice the antioxidant power of Vitamin C
  • is proven to reduce exercise-induced oxidative damage
  • decreases soreness from exercise
  • and helps maintain collagen matrix integrity


The cytokine-inhibiting effects of EGCG supplementation may actually slow down collagen matrix breakdown from age and overuse. This could explain why animal studies have shown that EGCG supplementation increases tendon tensile strength. 10


But here’s the problem. A concentrated cup of green tea only contains around 50 mg of ECGC (if you’re lucky). Tea isn’t standardized to any level of EGCG content.


You need 300-400 mg to benefit from EGCG’s ergogenic effects. That’s at least 8 cups of green tea per day (you’d be running to the bathroom every 20 minutes with that kind of intake).


To get the full benefits of EGCG, you’re better off supplementing with a standardized green tea extract (look on the back of the label in the Supplement Facts section and make sure it lists the EGCG amounts).


This is why we included 600 mg of green tea extract in Pre-Clinic, standardized to 50% EGCG and around 6% caffeine, providing another 36 mg of naturally occurring caffeine. This dosage is proven to help support performance and recovery, and is also safe to take daily.






Dedicated tea drinkers will tell you that tea provides a longer lasting buzz and more stable energy levels than coffee.


They might be right. Green tea contains the amino acid L-theanine—known to have a balancing effect on the stimulatory properties of caffeine. It also increases GABA activity, a neurotransmitter with stress-reducing effects.


Studies show taking caffeine and L-theanine together has synergistic positive effects on cognitive function.


A 2008 study published in Nutrition Neuroscience showed that just 100 mg of L-theanine in combination with caffeine improved performance on cognitively demanding tasks.11


Because L-theanine appears to stabilize the energy boosting effects of caffeine and improve performance, we added 200 milligrams of L-theanine to Pre-Clinic.




Grape Seed Extract


Grape seed extract is well-known for its ability support overall cardiovascular health and blood circulation—an important process for nutrient delivery to exercising muscles and recovering tissues.


But grape seed also aids the recovery process in several other fundamental ways.


Research shows grape seed extract may support:


  • Reduced joint swelling (likely from improved blood flow)41
  • Cartilage health after exposure to physical stress42
  • Reduced total body oxidation via antioxidant effects43
  • Decreased C-reactive protein levels and healthy inflammation levels44


Pre-Clinic contains 150 milligrams of Grape Seed Extract standardized to 95% proanthocyanidins to support healthy blood flow, nutrient delivery, and recovery.



Science-Backed, Patented Ingredients in Clinically Supported Doses


Plus (unlike most pre-workout supplements laden with artificial stimulants, sweeteners, colors and preservatives), Pre-Clinic is processed clean—without label fluff, artificial junk, and toxic additives.


We cut no corners when formulating and flavoring this category-busting pre-workout drink.


Pre-Clinic is made with:


  • Organic & Natural Ingredients
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Artificial Sweeteners or Dyes


To be honest, using natural herbs without artificial sweeteners was a challenge. It took us months to get the flavor right.


Finally, a combination of the natural calorie-free sweeteners monk fruit and stevia landed perfectly, creating a delicious Berry Limeade with Green Tea flavor.


It’s the perfect blend of refreshing citrus and natural sweetness.


Something you can drink every day without getting headaches from chemical-laden additives or worrying about damage to your long-term health from toxic ingredients.




Feel-good benefits of Pre-Clinic:


  • Clean, long-lasting energy without the jitters or crash
  • Smooth, strong, flexible joints
  • Delicious Berry Limeade flavor (you’ll look forward to drinking it each day)
  • Instead of dragging you down, it supports total body health and recovery
  • It's loaded with antioxidants, polyphenols, and nutrients your body needs for growth and repair.


  ... And we want you to try it. Risk-free.




Pre-Clinic is backed by our 90 Day Love It or Free Guarantee.


If Pre-Clinic doesn't work for you, just let us know anytime within 90 days of your order and we’ll refund your order. We’ll even pay for return shipping. See full return policy here.


How can we afford to do this?


It's simple.


The vast majority of our customers get results and end up buying from us again.
Even with this generous policy, our refund rate is still far below the industry average.


This demonstrates our belief in Pre-Clinic and our commitment to your satisfaction.



Pre-workout drink, joint health supplement, recovery blend, and antioxidant support all for the price of one.


And, it works better the longer you take it.


Long-term studies of Kollagen Type 2™ (3-4 months+) show lasting reductions in joint discomfort, improvements in connective tissue health, and even improvements in muscle and joint strength measures.


One study showed that after 2-3 months, continued use of a patented Type II collagen supplement allowed participants to exercise longer without getting sore.13


You’ll feel it working right away. But the results only get better with time.


The metabolic effects of consuming ingredients like green tea, coffee fruit extract (natural caffeine), and grape seed extract also become more pronounced over time.


Studies lasting 12 weeks or longer have shown that habitual usage of green tea with high catechin levels leads to increased energy expenditure, higher fat oxidation, and lower body fat (especially around the midsection).45,46


As you can see, Pre-Clinic isn’t just a short-term fix for energy and joint discomfort.


It’s also a long-term solution to what’s holding you back.


If you’re young and your joints feel unbreakable, then taking Pre-Clinic is a smart move. Your connective tissue will stay resilient as your muscles grow.


But if you’re 30 to 40+ and regularly deal with stiff, aching joints—Pre-Clinic can help you remove the obstacles holding you back from performing your best.


So go ahead: grab your discounted bottle bottle below and get started today.


And take comfort in our no-risk 90 Day Love it or Free Guarantee.


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