A Happier, More Productive YOU

in Less Than 10 Minutes

The Sunrise Manifesto is a category-busting gratitude journal and productivity planner.

With only a few minutes each morning, you can dramatically improve overall well-being while getting more of the important stuff done. Be more productive. Be happier. And reveal your best self.

Start your day with purpose.

Learn how the Sunrise Manifesto can help you:

  • Instantly reduce stress levels
  • Improve focus & mental clarity
  • Boost both happiness & productivity

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  • The 5-minute morning routine proven to reduce stress...
  • Why your To-Do List is driving you crazy and hampering your progress...
  • Research demonstrating how to increase mental toughness...
  • A simple morning “trick” that helps you accomplish more in less time...
  • ...and more!

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