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The TaperSmart™ Dosage Schedule

Joint Clinic™ is the first joint formula to utilize the TaperSmart™ dosage schedule. This method consists of gradually weaning off the formula in order to minimize the rebound effect (re-emergence of symptoms) and maximize natural recovery processes.*

​​​We've received several questions about the TaperSmart Dosage Schedule:

"Do I have to follow the tapering schedule?"
"Can I just take Joint Clinic everyday?"
"Can I just use it as needed?"

You can certainly use Joint Clinic as a daily joint health maintenance supplement.

If you have ongoing joint issues you want to resolve, or are looking for daily collagen synthesis support, then this is a great option.

Joint Clinic can help your joints recover from daily workouts and stressors when used this way.

Just take 4 capsules daily with food.

The TaperSmart Dosage schedule is designed to provide the maximum dosage and jump-start your recovery, while also giving users the option to wean completely off the formula after 6 weeks.

Not to overcomplicate things, but here are three ways to use Joint Clinic.

And when to apply each.

This will help you decide how to use Joint Clinic for maximum results:



The 6 Week TaperSmart™ Dosage Schedule
Use the TaperSmart Dosage Schedule (instructions on bottle) if:

  • You've recently experienced increased physical stress on a joint.
  • You are going through physical therapy and want some extra nutritional support for the recovery process.
  • You have a nagging joint problem that won't recover.
  • You want to bring high inflammation levels down into the healthy range.

Joint Clinic for Daily Joint Health
Use Joint Clinic daily (4 capsules per day) if:

  • You've completed the TaperSmart Dosage schedule and want to maintain your joint health going forward.
  • You want daily support for collagen synthesis and joint recovery from exercise.
  • Your joints can't keep up with your workouts and other physical demands you put on them.

As needed for minor flair ups from overuse
Take 2 capsules every 4-6 hours* while symptoms persist if:

  • You've completed the TaperSmart Dosage schedule at least once.
  • You want to address a minor flair up or temporary joint discomfort from overuse.

*Do not exceed 8 capsules within a 24 hour period unless directed by your doctor.

Why We Developed the TaperSmart™ Dosage

Most joint health or pain relief supplements that claim to help manage inflammation give you two options:

1. Take the product for the rest of your life (not ideal).
2. Stop taking it cold turkey (usually after ~30 days of getting no results).

Here's the problem:

Anytime you stop an inflammation suppressing product cold-turkey, you're at risk of suffering from the Rebound Effect.

The Rebound Effect is exactly what it sounds like.

This term describes the re-emergence of symptoms after stopping an intervention that artificially suppresses inflammation.

When symptoms re-emerge, they're often worse than pre-intervention levels.

This leads to painful flair ups and re-injury.
And a continuous cycle of pain, joint dysfunction, dependence on artificial suppression of symptoms, and re-emergence of symptoms.

It's not an effective way to manage the recovery process.

And it's sure not a sustainable one that supports longevity.

With Joint Clinic, we took a different approach.

We wanted to develop a method that allows your body's recovery, inflammation and healing processes to take over naturally.

We call this the TaperSmart™ dosage method. It allows you to use clinically-supported dosages of crucial nutrients when your body needs them most without worrying about toxicity.

Basically, you’ll use dosages on the high end of the clinically-effective spectrum for weeks 1-2. Dosages in the middle of the spectrum during weeks 3-4.
And doses on the low end of the clinically effective spectrum during weeks 5-6.

(it’s important that even during the final stages of tapering off, key nutrients are still taken in science-backed dosages)

This method has two key benefits:

1) It allows you to use maximum clinically-supported dosages for optimal joint recovery during the crucial first few weeks.

2) It gently weans you off the formula so that your body’s natural recovery enzymes, hormones and processes can take over while reducing chances of a rebound effect.

The Rebound Effect is a common compliant from people who take a supplement for a short period of time, then stop taking it cold-turkey.

With the clinically supported ingredients in Joint Clinic and the TaperSMart™ dosage schedule, you can optimize your joint recovery in just 6 weeks.

With Joint Clinic, here's how the dosing schedule looks:

6 Week TaperSmart™ Dosage Schedule

Weeks 1-2

Take 4 capsules with breakfast, and 4 capsules with dinner.

Weeks 3-4

Take 3 capsules with breakfast, and 3 capsules with dinner.

Weeks 5-6

Take 2 capsules with breakfast.
*MED (Minimum Effective Dose)

Most important of all — this method allows your body to manage its own cycle of cell turnover, inflammation and recovery.

Without being dependent on nutrient intervention or long breaks from activity.

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