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Low inflammation eating, simplified.

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Let's simplify the Anti-Inflammatory Diet. And finally get some results.

Typical diets don't work for people with low-grade, chronic inflammation. And most Anti-Inflammatory Diets force you to sweat the small stuff — instead of focusing on the few principles that really matter. Pain-Free Fat Loss is different.

  • The truth: chronic inflammation causes weight gain and increased pain levels 
  • Meal timing is a powerful weapon for reducing inflammation and losing body fat
  • Pain-Free Fat Loss shows you how to assemble your own customized anti-inflammatory diet

Pain-Free Fat Loss shows you:

A simplified method

We cut the fat. Assembling only the most effective strategies for reducing inflammation (and your waist line).

Natural pain relief strategies

Inflammation leads to increased pain levels, which leads to further inflammation. We'll show you how to break that cycle.

Sustainable results

Most "diets" are short-term strategies only. Pain-Free Fat Loss will teach you principles you can employ for a lifetime of results.

Easy to follow templates

Getting results is less about will-power, and more about rituals and habits. Our "templates" will set you up for success.

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Hi, I'm Scott Hogan, founder of SaltWrap. Over the last 10 years my team and I have coached hundreds of face-to-face (real life) clients, and thousands of online clients worldwide. Weight loss has always been the number one goal our clients want to achieve. And with our exercise therapy background, we made an important connection.

That is — the relationship between inflammation, weight gain, and pain levels.
Pain-Free Fat Loss is about understanding this cycle, and breaking it for good.

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