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ADAPTOGEN GREENS - Clean Energy - Experience natural energy without stimulants, jitters, or crashing.
ADAPTOGEN GREENS - Cool Under Pressure - Unlike stimulants and depressants adaptogen greens does not knock your body out of balance.
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Plant-Based Nootropic Powered by Adaptogens

Break the stress/burnout cycle and unlock your potential with Adaptogen Greens™. This mind-body resilience formula delivers clinically supported results you can feel. Conquer stress, improve mental performance, and bounce back faster.

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The World’s First Science-Backed Resilience Formula for Burned-Out Athletes

Transform stress into strength with Adaptogen Greens™.

Better working memory, including focus, alertness, and recall3

Improve sleep, recovery, mood, and overall sense of well-being2, 5, 10, 14

Helps reduce fatigue, stress, and brain fog2, 3, 8, 16

"Love It Or Free" Money-Back Guarantee

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and challenges. To persevere, adapt, and overcome. The science of resilience shows that we can train our ability to respond powerfully to physical and mental stressors.

That’s precisely what Adaptogen Greens™ is formulated to do.

Unlike stimulants or depressants, Adaptogen Greens™ doesn’t knock your body out of balance. It brings you into balance, so you can unlock untapped energy stores, perform at your best, and recover fully.

Adaptogen Greens™ contains five of the planet's most powerful, science-backed adaptogenic herbs in clinically effective dosages.

No other supplement packs this amount of proven punch for improving total body and mind resilience.

Unlock Your Untapped Potential With Adaptogen Greens™

Adaptogen Greens™ lets you perform better and bounce back faster – with less fatigue and “burnout.”

Research shows that Bacognize®, a key ingredient in Adaptogen Greens™, helped boost working memory by up to 53% in just six weeks.

This could mean faster information processing, better problem-solving, increased focus, and upgraded thinking starting with your first bottle.


Bacognize® is a patented, standardized extract from the Bacopa monnieri plant. 

Bacopa has long been used to support stress-free mental energy and focus. But Bacognize® combines cutting-edge modern science with bacopa's proven, natural energy- and mood-boosting power to take things to a new level. (And without any “crash” later.) 

Studies of young medical students and older adults have shown significant positive effects on cognitive function, short-term memory, and mood.* In a randomized, placebo-controlled study, medical students who took 300 mg of Bacognize® per day showed significant improvements in attention, "distractibility," and working memory.  

Bacognize® also has a neuroprotective effect by supporting neurotransmitter (serotonin) binding activity and antioxidant capacity. In other words, it helps you feel energized, calm, and focused. 

Studies show supplementing with Bacognize® helps: 

  • Improve working memory by up to 53% in six weeks.3 
  • Raise alertness scores by up to 3x higher than a placebo in just 28 days.2 
  • Boost sleep quality and reduce pain symptoms by 16% (5x better than a placebo) in eight weeks.2 

Adaptogen Greens delivers the clinically supported 300 mg dosage of Bacognize® to maximize mental performance, support a positive mood, and promote neuron health.* 

Also known as Siberian Ginseng, Eleuthero is regarded as a nootropic, but has traditionally been used to improve subjective well-being and restore energy levels. 

Studies have demonstrated that Eleuthero has significant positive effects on mood, stress hormone management, and work capacity. One study published in Planta Medica demonstrated a 23% increase in total work (physical output) in study participants who consumed Eleuthero compared with only a 7.5% increase in the placebo group.4

Researchers partially attributed this finding to the improvement of the subjects' increased oxygen uptake. 

Some of the most notable effects of Eleuthero: 

  • Improved cardiovascular (aerobic) capacity4 
  • Increases in subject well-being scores (happiness/mood)5 
  • Positive effects on energy and cognitive performance (focus) 

Studies of Eleuthero measuring physical capacity have historically used dosages of 150-300 mg daily. Dosages of 800 to 1,500 mg have been deemed safe, but only in short-term (~4-12 weeks) time ranges. 

We included 300 mg of Eleuthero in each serving of Adaptogen Greens to support physical and cognitive stamina.* 

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is at the apex of the traditional Hindu system of medicine, Ayurveda. It's regarded as the most powerful plant extract for stress relief, natural energy balance, and improving overall health and vigor. 

Adaptogen Greens uses a patented form of Ashwagandha called KSM-66 ®. It's commonly referred to as the "World's Best Ashwagandha." This patented form has won multiple awards, including the Herbal Industry Leader Award from the Society of Ethnopharmacology. 

KSM-66® is tightly regulated and overseen from planting the herbs to harvesting the roots – and final delivery to the United States. 

With almost too many benefits to list, it's not hard to see why this plant is revered as the most powerful adaptogen on Earth: 7

  • Reduces stress and improve reported levels of happiness8 
  • Increases cardiorespiratory endurance 9 
  • Improves muscle strength and recovery 10 
  • Helps maintain free testosterone (by balancing testosterone and estrogen, an essential benefit for men and women)10 
  • Improves sleep quality11 

The clinically effective dosages for KSM-66® Ashwagandha range from 100 mg to 600 mg. Adaptogen Greens delivers 300 mg per serving to maximize natural energy, stress relief, physiological balance, and hormonal health.* 

Known as the "Arctic Root" for its ability to flourish in high-altitude mountainous regions of Eastern Asia, Rhodiola is primarily used to improve energy, stamina, and mental capacity. This adaptogen also has demonstrated positive effects on the stress hormone cortisol, helping to lower levels and reduce negative side effects associated with stress.* 

A famous study of night shift doctors showed that 170 mg of Rhodiola improved cognitive performance and symptoms of fatigue in just two weeks.12

Rhodiola helps make the body and mind more resilient by: 

  • Reducing fatigue and perceived exertion levels.13 
  • Boosting mood and reported happiness levels.14
  • Improving learning, short-term memory, and mental processing speed.15 

Although dosages as low as 50 mg daily have demonstrated preventive effects against fatigue, most studies measuring cognitive performance and stamina use 150-400 mg dosages. 

We included 150 mg of Rhodiola in each serving of Adaptogen Greens. This dosage is on the lower end of the clinically effective spectrum, which makes it ideal for fighting fatigue and boosting performance without overstimulating. 

Schisandra berries are the ultimate super berry. Although they have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years, they're still relatively unknown in the Western world compared with adaptogens like Ashwagandha and Rhodiola.  

Schisandra berries are used for medicinal purposes like supporting immune function, liver detoxification, and healthy energy levels. And studies show that when combined with Rhodiola and Eleuthero, Schisandra berry helps: 16 

  • Reduce reported levels of fatigue. 
  • Improve mental accuracy during demanding tasks. 
  • Increase speed and accuracy during stressful work. 

Adaptogen Greens contains 200 mg of Schisandra berry extract per serving. 

Science-Backed Ingredients From a Source You Can Trust.

"Resilience may start in the mind, but it’s not merely a psychological issue. It’s a physiological one. The symptoms of stress, burnout, and fatigue can all be traced directly to an endocrine system (hormonal) imbalance — chiefly your sympathoadrenal system, immune system, and inflammation-balancing systems.

Adaptogen Greens™ targets the root causes of physical burnout, mental exhaustion, and accumulated stress."

- Scott Hogan, ACE-CPT, COES
SaltWrap Founder and CEO

How to Use Adaptogen Greens™

Suggested Use: Takes two (2) capsules daily.

Pro Tip: Take 1-2 capsules with your morning coffee to improve focus, reduce jitters, and create long-lasting, stress-free energy.

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"SaltWrap is the REAL DEAL. I can't say enough incredible things about how my body feels stronger and more resilient than ever. Their commitment to excellence as a company is mind blowing."

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Adaptogen Greens™ FAQs

Adaptogens are a unique group of herbs. They've been used for thousands of years to improve energy, support the adrenal system, and manage your body's response to stress.

Adaptogens work like a thermostat.

When the thermostat senses that the temperature in a house is too high, it guides the temperature down to the set point. When the temperature is too low, the thermostat helps bring it back up to where it should be.

Similarly, adaptogens help balance our bodies and minds. They help adjust energy hormones, stress hormones, and even neurotransmitters based on our unique needs.

They're called adaptogens because they exhibit a "normalizing effect" on the body, helping to correct physiological (body) imbalances.

The five science-backed adaptogenic herbs in Adaptogen Greens™ are perfect for naturally building mind-body resilience and improving athletic performance.

Adaptogen Greens is a natural, caffeine-free option for anyone looking to boost energy and cognitive performance without artificial stimulants.

Adaptogen Greens contains the award-winning, patented ashwagandha extract KSM-66®. Many consider this form of ashwagandha to be at the apex of adaptogens in terms of quality and function. It is processed using traditional Ayurvedic methods, which use a small amount of milk during harvesting.

Unlock your untapped potential.

Transform stress into strength with Adaptogen Greens™

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