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At SaltWrap, we're dedicated to keeping you healthy. Whether it's recovering from an injury, bolstering performance, or knocking out inflammation with therapeutic nutrition — we've got you covered.

We create solutions in the categories of nutritional supplements, books & media, and therapeutic fitness equipment — all designed to keep you healthy and performing at your best.

Our aim is to seamlessly integrate healthy, therapeutic behaviors into our clients' daily routines (ideally BEFORE the injury or nutritional deficiency occurs).

Like this category-busting coffee creamer with collagen protein and MCT's (Joint & Muscle Creamer is the first of its kind — a delicious, low-carb creamer designed to support healthy joints and muscles).

And, because pain is such a big issue with our exercise therapy clients, we focus on natural ways to help you work through injuries, aches & pains.

That's why we launched Mag R&R. This natural, muscle-supporting supplement helps ease tension, reduce cramps and spasms, and optimizes sleep for better recovery from exercise.*

(Side note: Muscular pain, cramps and tension are widely misunderstood. And the core causes are rarely addressed by doctors or supplement companies. So we created a full-spectrum supplement designed to address all three causes. Learn more about Mag 3D here.*)

Our Mission

In our exercise therapy practice, we focus on rehabilitative exercise.
But it takes both physical fitness AND sound nutrition to reach your potential.

That's why we built SaltWrap.com.

We want to be your go-to headquarters for therapeutic nutrition and fitness.

...We want to be your most trusted adviser for healing injuries, staying healthy, improving performance, and getting the most out of your body and mind.

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Mag R&R - Relax and recovery

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Learn how stress negatively affects performance.
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Most people don't make substantial progress toward their fitness goals in the long run.
From our experience, the problem isn't lack of motivation or discipline.
It's not having the right system.

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