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The cutting edge of therapeutic sports nutrition

Our products combine proven sports performance ingredients with nutrients that support your body’s natural healing mechanisms. So you can perform better today, recover faster tomorrow, and stay healthy for the long term.

With SaltWrap, you don't have to choose between better performance today and a healthy body tomorrow.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between fitness and longevity

Much like an athletic trainer, we're here to help you push past obstacles to accomplish your fitness goals. But we're not willing to sacrifice your long-term health and longevity in the process.

With smart, sustainable training principles and therapeutic sports nutrition — we'll help you prevent injuries, overcome setbacks and performance barriers, and stay healthy for life.

Somehow, the words fitness and health have stopped meaning the same thing.
We're here to fix that.

Read our philosophy on sports nutrition to learn more about exactly how.

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Nighttime leg cramps (also called Nocturnal Leg Cramps) are caused by a multitude of factors including magnesium deficiency, disrupted Circadian Rhythm, damaged or overactive nerves, activity levels and stress.

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