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Joint Recovery Multivitamin

Joint Clinic™ is the only award-winning, science-backed multivitamin formulated for total joint recovery. It supplies your joints with the exact vitamins, minerals, food-based antioxidants, and other critical micronutrients for optimal connective tissue repair – so you can recover and keep doing what you love.

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Joint Clinic™ is a multi-award winner!

Joint Clinic™ wins multiple awards in the 2023 Delicious Living® Supplement Awards, taking home trophies in both the Consumer Choice and Retailer Choice categories for Best Multivitamin.

The First Multivitamin for Complete Joint Recovery

Optimize recovery and keep doing what you love with Joint Clinic™.

Reduce joint pain and stiffness from an active lifestyle37, 1, 14, 24

Optimize joint cushioning and lubrication27, 38, 30, 78, 80

Support healthy inflammation levels14, 15, 16, 23, 26, 28, 29, 36

"Love It Or Free" Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike most joint pain supplements, which merely address surface-level symptoms, Joint Clinic™ addresses the fundamental aspects of connective tissue rebuilding. It delivers proven, science-backed ingredients to help optimize connective tissue formation for strength, flexibility, and long-term resilience.  

Joint Clinic™ works by aiding your body’s natural recovery processes, focusing on four specific goals: 

  1. Bolster tissue remodeling 
  2. Reduce oxidative stress 
  3. Support optimal inflammatory response to exercise 
  4. Supply the missing micronutrients your joints need to recover fully 

Physical setbacks and limitations are inevitable when training hard or engaging in intense athletic activities. But they don’t have to stop you from reaching your fitness goals or keep you from doing what you love. 

With Joint Clinic™, you can stop treating symptoms and start your road to full recovery.

Feel the Power of Award-Winning Joint Recovery Support

It’s not just about speeding up recovery time.

It’s about optimizing joint tissue for strength, flexibility, and resilience.

Unlike most joint pain supplements, which only address surface-level symptoms, the award-winning formula behind Joint Clinic™ uses cutting-edge sports nutrition science to help optimize natural recovery.


Balanced Kollagen® is a natural collagen matrix consisting of Types I, II, V, and X. Studies show supplementing with Type II collagen helps: 

  • Reduce exercise-related joint pain and stiffness (in healthy subjects)37
  • Provide joint cushioning and lubrication80 
  • Prevent collagen degradation from overuse78 

And when you take Type II collagen in its natural form, it produces a unique benefit that other collagen supplements simply can't offer. 

A recent study published in HealthMED found that supplementing with 750 mg of a natural collagen matrix containing collagen Types I, II, V, and X can help stimulate collagen synthesis, specifically within cartilage tissues.80

In other words, the combination of amino acids in Balanced Kollagen® has a synergistic effect that helps optimize connective tissue health. 

Joint Clinic™ contains a clinically supported 750 mg of Balanced Kollagen® per serving. 

This Ayurvedic herb is referred to as the “bone setter” plant. It's long been used in traditional medicine to aid the healing process after bone or soft tissue damage.5 Recent scientific studies confirm that oral consumption of Cissus extract can shorten recovery times and improve mobility after physical stress to a joint.18, 74 

Plus, it’s one of the few herbs proven to improve joint function in athletes.1 In short, Cissus is among the most proven natural solutions for joint recovery.  

Research shows Cissus helps: 

  • Stimulate osteoblast production for healthy bone mineralization and joint strength6, 10
  • Reduce joint soreness from exercise (3,200 mg reduced joint pain by 31% in 8 weeks)1 
  • Support healthy inflammation levels after exercise14
  • Reduce oxidative stress via antioxidant activity15, 16

The clinically supported dosage for improving human joint health is 3,200 mg at 2.5% standardization of active ketosterones.  

Joint Clinic contains 1,600 mg of Cissus quadrangularis at 5% concentration. 

(This dosage mirrors the active component concentration used in the most relevant study on joint health in athletes while enabling us to get the ingredients into a manageable serving size.) 

With over 100 publications and more than 45 human clinical studies, Curcumin C3 Complex® is the most science-backed turmeric in the world. 

Research shows supplementing with C3 Complex: 

  • Promotes collagen formation after physical stress21, 22
  • Improves subjective pain levels by 40%71, 26 
  • Supports healthy inflammation levels (specifically within osteocartilaginous tissue)26
  • Improves joint stiffness and mobility by 86% in 6 weeks24
  • Reduces oxidative stress via antioxidant effects23

 The most common clinically supported dosages of C3 for joint health range from 200 mg to 1,500 mg. 

Joint Clinic contains 1,000 mg of Curcumin C3 Complex® Turmeric Extract per serving. 

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the human body with its highest concentrations in the joint structures and eyes. It’s a major component of synovial fluid, the body’s natural joint lubricant. 

Studies show supplementing with hyaluronic acid: 

  • Reduces joint discomfort and improves synovial fluid effusion in joints38 
  • Improves joint strength (52 mg of hyaluronic acid helped healthy subjects with mild joint discomfort improve their knee strength)39

Clinically supported dosages of hyaluronic acid range from 40 mg to 80 mg. 

Joint Clinic contains about 60 mg of hyaluronic acid per serving from Balanced Kollagen®. 

CoQ10 is a compound that helps generate energy in cells and enhances blood flow. Production of CoQ10 decreases with age, which makes it a popular supplement for heart health and longevity. 

Though you may be surprised to see CoQ10 in a joint recovery formula, it’s a well-studied compound for exercise-induced stress.

Studies show supplementing with CoQ10:

  • Reduces exercise-related damage and oxidativestress34, 35
  • Supports healthy post-exercise inflammation levels36
    Commonly used clinically supported dosages range from 90 to 200 mg, with only slight increases in efficacy at higher dosages.

Joint Clinic™ delivers 90 mg of CoQ10 per serving.

Grape seed extract supports overall cardiovascular health and circulation, an essential process for nutrient delivery to recovering tissues. However, grape seed also aids the recovery process in three other important ways.

Research shows grape seed extract:

  • Supports cartilage health after exposure to physical stress27
  • Reduces total body oxidation via antioxidant effects28
  • Helps maintain healthy inflammation levels29

Plus, grape seed works synergistically with olive leaf extract (also in Joint Clinic™) to support joint recovery after exposure to physical stress.30

Clinically supported dosages of grape seed extract range from 150 mg to 300 mg daily.

Joint Clinic™ contains 300 mg of grape seed extract per serving.

A study published in the journal Nutrients found that supplementing with 50 mg of olive extract improved age-related joint pain and stiffness in as little as four weeks.31 

Research shows supplementing with olive leaf extract: 

  • Helps maintain healthy cartilage levels after exposure to physical stress30 
  • Supports glutathione levels in healthy subjects, which helps support immune health32 
  • Supports healthy inflammation levels via oleuropein33

Clinically supported dosages of olive leaf extract supplements vary widely. They depend highly on standardizing specific compounds, such as hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein. 

Joint Clinic contains 100 mg of olive leaf extract standardized to 20% oleuropein. 

BioPerine® is a patented extract of black pepper that contains 95% piperine, the alkaloid responsible for the spice of black pepper. It has been used in traditional medicine to aid digestion and boost nutrient bioavailability. 

Studies show black pepper increases hydrochloric acid and levels of enzymes that help break down food into digestible components.40

Importantly, BioPerine® is proven to increase the absorption of turmeric by 2,000% (20X). Clinically supported dosages of BioPerine® range from 2 mg to 20 mg. 

Joint Clinic contains 10 mg of BioPerine® per serving. 

While taking a multivitamin is likely better than taking nothing, studies show that taking higher dosages of specific vitamins and minerals during the first few weeks of recovery has advantages.42, 43

Instead of throwing a blanket list of vitamins from A to Z into Joint Clinic™, we used only the most crucial, proven nutrients for joint and connective tissue recovery. 

That includes clinically supported dosages of vitamins A (900 mcg), C (500 mg), D3 (50 mcg), and K2 (120 mcg). Plus chromium (200 mcg), magnesium (200 mg), manganese (2.3 mg), selenium (20 mcg), and zinc (30 mg). 

Science-Backed Ingredients From a Source You Can Trust.

"I know from personal experience that setbacks are bound to happen when you push your body to its limits. But with Joint Clinic™, you don't have to sit passively on the sidelines. You can take an active role in optimizing your recovery. Come back stronger. And most importantly, keep doing what you love."

- Scott Hogan, ACE-CPT, COES
SaltWrap Founder and CEO

How to Use Joint Clinic™

Follow the TaperSmart™ Dosage schedule the first time you take Joint Clinic to jump-start your recovery. Here's how it works: 

  • Weeks 1-2: Take 4 capsules with breakfast and 4 capsules with dinner. 
  • Weeks 3-4: Take 3 capsules with breakfast and 3 capsules with dinner. 
  • Weeks 5-6: Take 2 capsules with breakfast. 

You can dive deeper into the science behind this dosage schedule by visiting the TaperSmart Dosage Method page

 *It’s important to take Joint Clinic™ with food, as some nutrients are better absorbed in the presence of fats and other macronutrients. 


After completing the first 6-week TaperSmart™ cycle, take 4 capsules daily to support collagen synthesis and day-to-day joint recovery. 

If you don’t love Joint Clinic™, your first bottle is on us.
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With our 90-Day Love-It-Or-Free Guarantee, you can't lose. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase – for any reason – within 90 days of your order, just let us know. We’ll process a full, prompt refund for you. No questions asked. No hassles. You don’t even have to return your open bottle.*

How can we afford to do this? It's simple.

Most of our customers see outstanding results and end up buying from us again. Even with this generous return policy, our refund rate is very low. SaltWrap’s 90-Day Love-It-Or-Free Guarantee demonstrates our commitment to your 100% satisfaction.

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Joint Clinic™ FAQs

It is not recommended to stop the program even if your joints feel great and your symptoms have passed. The recovery process, especially tissue turnover, is long and complex. Complete the full 6-week program unless you are experiencing adverse effects or have been recommended to stop by your healthcare provider.

Yes. However, we recommend either following the TaperSmart™ dosage schedule referenced on this page or taking 4 capsules per day as part of a daily joint health maintenance program.

The biggest difference between Balanced Kollagen® and other collagen supplements is that it is not an isolated extract – and it is not a blend of different collagens. 

Instead, Balanced Kollagen® is created using a patented process that allows collagen to maintain its natural structure, where it is bound to other extracellular components like chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. Preserving collagen's natural structure improves bioavailability, allowing it to survive harsh conditions in the stomach more effectively. 


You can come back stronger.

Real recovery begins with Joint Clinic™

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