Joint & Muscle Recovery Bundle SaltWrap
Joint & Muscle Recovery Bundle SaltWrap
Joint & Muscle Recovery Bundle SaltWrap

Joint & Muscle Recovery Bundle

The Joint & Muscle Recovery Bundle combines Protein Clinic, Joint Clinic, and Collagen Synthesis. This bundle supports connective tissue recovery, helps build resilient joints, and optimizes total-body recovery and muscle strength.

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90-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Fuel Your Body Needs to Come Back Stronger

The Joint & Muscle Recovery Bundle is your total-body rejuvenation stack.

Promote collagen formation and cartilage health after physical stress21, 22, 27

Support healthy inflammation levels26, 29

Strengthen tendons and ligaments9, 12

Stimulate osteoblast production for healthy bone mineralization and joint strength6, 10

"Love It Or Free" Money-Back Guarantee

A truly therapeutic system doesn’t just help you recover. It also helps optimize performance and fortify your body to prevent future issues.

That's exactly what you get with the Joint & Muscle Recovery Bundle. These breakthrough therapeutic sports nutrition innovations – including two of our bestselling award winners – work together to help your body recover, repair, and rebuild stronger than before.

Any one of them can help you come back stronger. But when you combine their power, it can help you reach new levels of performance and recovery.



Protein Clinic™ is the world’s first natural-based, total-body recovery formula. This delicious, creamy shake supports optimal muscle growth and recovery, helps reduce post-exercise pain and soreness, and fortifies connective tissue and bone health.

  • Increase muscle mass, improve strength, and reduce fat mass when combined with resistance training5, 6
  • Reduce muscle damage and soreness after exercise16, 17
  • Build new connective tissue mass when combined with resistance training23

Collagen Synthesis™ is the award-winning, joint-building collagen that physical therapists and elite athletes count on to keep their joints strong, mobile, and resilient. It combines two patented, clinically proven sources of bioactive collagen peptides with other key nutrients involved in connective tissue metabolism and repair.

  • Build and maintain cartilage mass1, 2
  • Strengthen tendons and ligaments3
  • Improve joint stability, mobility, and resilience3
  • Reduce activity-related joint pain4

Joint Clinic™ is the only award-winning, science-backed multivitamin formulated for total joint recovery. It supplies your joints with the exact vitamins, minerals, food-based antioxidants, and other critical micronutrients for optimal connective tissue repair – so you can recover and keep doing what you love.

  • Reduce joint pain and stiffness from an active lifestyle37, 1, 14, 24
  • Optimize joint cushioning and lubrication27, 38, 30, 78, 80
  • Support healthy inflammation levels14, 15, 16, 23, 26, 28, 29, 36

Science-Backed Ingredients From a Source You Can Trust.

"This isn't just another protein shake. The patented ingredients in Protein Clinic™ are proven to help build more muscle, prevent muscle loss, and bolster overall recovery. We pulled every possible lever to give our clients maximum natural muscle-building potential."

- Scott Hogan, ACE-CPT, COES
SaltWrap Founder and CEO

How to use the Joint & Muscle Recovery Bundle

Directions: For all supplements, follow instructions on product labels. For best results, use daily.
Suggested Use:

  • Joint Clinic: Take as directed with your first meal of the day.
  • Collagen Synthesis: Mix one scoop into liquid 30 minutes before exercise. On non-training days, consume one scoop in the morning or between meals.
  • Protein Clinic: Mix two scoops into liquid and consume post-exercise (within 30 minutes of completing exercise sessions). On non-training days, mix one scoop with liquid in the morning or between meals. You can combine Collagen Synthesis and Protein Clinic into one shake on non-training days for ease of use.
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More Resilient Than Ever

"SaltWrap is the REAL DEAL. I can't say enough incredible things about how my body feels stronger and more resilient than ever. Their commitment to excellence as a company is mind blowing."

Becca GT
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90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

With our 90-Day Love-It-Or-Free Guarantee, you can't lose. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase – for any reason – within 90 days of your order, just let us know. We’ll process a full, prompt refund for you. No questions asked. No hassles. You don’t even have to return your open bottle.*

How can we afford to do this? It's simple.

Most of our customers see outstanding results and end up buying from us again. Even with this generous return policy, our refund rate is very low. SaltWrap’s 90-Day Love-It-Or-Free Guarantee demonstrates our commitment to your 100% satisfaction.

*For orders of more than one bottle or product, we kindly ask that you return unopened/unused items. See full policy here.

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The Joint & Muscle Recovery Bundle FAQs

Mix one scoop into any beverage or meal once daily. For best results, consume one serving 30 minutes before exercising.

Mix two scoops into 10-12 ounces of water or milk once daily. For best results, use at least five days per week.

For post-workout nutrition, take one serving within 45 minutes of exercise. On non-training days, consume one serving early in the day (either before breakfast or between meals).

Follow the TaperSmart™ Dosage schedule the first time you take Joint Clinic to jump-start your recovery. Here's how it works:

Weeks 1-2: Take 4 capsules with breakfast and 4 capsules with dinner.

  • Weeks 3-4: Take 3 capsules with breakfast and 3 capsules with dinner.
  • Weeks 5-6: Take 2 capsules with breakfast.

You can dive deeper into the science behind this dosage schedule by visiting the TaperSmart Dosage Method page.

*It’s important to take Joint Clinic with food, as some nutrients are better absorbed in the presence of fats and other macronutrients.


After completing the first 6-week TaperSmart™ cycle, take 4 capsules daily to support collagen synthesis and day-to-day joint recovery.

Please visit the item page for the Scientific References

Joint Clinic

Collagen Synthesis

Protein Clinic

You can come back stronger.

The Joint & Muscle Recovery Bundle is your new secret weapon for optimal recovery and performance.

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