The Road Less Traveled By

A few years ago, I made a difficult decision.

And it did not pay off immediately.

Actually, it hurt.

It cut-off thousands of people from ever using our products or reading our reports.

It hurt profits. Frustrated my team. And severely limited the scope of our business.

That is… in the short-run.

After the initial shell-shock wore off, I felt lighter… More agile and focused.

Other members of our team started showing signs that they too were feeling re-energized.

As time passed, things became clearer and clearer.

And the people we were speaking to heard our message clearer and clearer.

The quality of our work (and enjoyment of it) increased exponentially.

And we developed a clear vision of who we were, who we wanted to be, and most importantly—who we wanted to help.

So what was the “difficult decision”?

In short, it was to take the road less traveled by.

And it all started with you. Yep, that’s right. YOU.

The worst thing a business can do is try to be all things to all people.
But there's also many reasons to do just that..

It seems to promise "mitigated risk"—ensuring that your content and products appeal to a broad spectrum of people. And often its cheaper (and more profitable in the short-term).

That's why it's the road MOST traveled by... and why many companies are quick to sacrifice their integrity, make false or misleading claims, and take short-cuts in research or manufacturing.

In business, operating this way is the path of least resistance.

But we're not just talking about business.. we're talking about people's lives here... The stakes are higher because we are affecting people's health and happiness.

So we decided from the very beginning to do things differently. But not just different—better. And more focused.

Instead of creating “vanilla” products to appease the masses, we decided to create products ONLY for a specific person.

And instead of hoping anyone with a pulse who came across our site would like our stuff, we made sure that’s not the case.

Here’s what I’m getting at… All the products we create and research we put out are based on one simple objective:


That's what we're really all about.

But not the Rah-Rah, “pump you up with motivational quotes” kind.

And not the kind that encourages you to “manifest” health, wealth and happiness with a Vision Board.

But the kind that focuses on helping you become a better version of yourself.

We believe that’s our obligation in life.

To learn, grow, and improve.

To work on being a more focused, thoughtful, healthy and strong human being.

And to take care of our mind and body, as if they are the only ones we get (crazy concept eh?).

In a time when everyone seems to be a motivational guru—and it's trendy to talk about hard work, determination, and goal setting—we actually walk the walk of providing tools to help you get better.

With much less talk.

That brings me to you.

If you're still here, you are reading this for a reason: you want more.

You know there is more.

But not out there in the world (I’m not talking about fast cars and stacks of cash).

I’m talking about inside of you.

You know there’s more in there.

That’s why you train the way you do.
Read the things you read.
Dream those dreams.
And also why you’re so damn hard on yourself.

We are here to help YOU. Because… we’re the same way.

We are not a supplement company.

We don’t consider ourselves a member of the $40 Billion supplement industry—which (sadly) is mostly made up of companies who are nothing more than marketing engines.

Our roots are in functional fitness training and creating therapeutic solutions to injuries and performance problems.

But after watching Shady Company after Shady Company create ineffective, dishonest, and sometimes unsafe nutritional supplements—we couldn’t sit on the sidelines any more.

We’re here to disrupt the status quo.

Get this: we create products that (1) are guaranteed to produce results and (2) are clinically-proven to be effective.

All of our supplements are grounded in clinical research, and manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) approved facilities right here in the U.S.

And—we take it a step further. Instead of just throwing in bits of ingredients here and there in tiny doses (the industry calls it “label fluff”), we use clinically-effective dosages.

This means the ingredients AND the dosages are proven in published studies to be effective. 

We only build solutions if we genuinely believe there is a hole that needs to be filled in your life.

You’ll notice we aren’t band-wagon jumpers.

If we’re telling you about something, you can bet its important and needed—not just a “me too” product (which makes up 99% of the industry).

We use a Science-Based “Litmus Test” for everything we do.

In order to pass through our extremely well-honed B.S. filter, anything we recommend MUST qualify in all three of these categories:

1. Traditional Use: Meaning historical practice shows evidence of effectiveness. Good examples are Ayurvedic Herbs that have been used for centuries to treat common ailments (e.g. fatigue, stress/anxiety, sleep, recovery, etc).

2. Documented in Scientific Publications: The Gold Standard for scientific studies is the Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Peer Reviewed Study. Our recommendations, ingredients, and products are built ONLY with those proven to be effective in published, scientific literature.

3. Lab Observation: Last but not least… not by a long shot...
is "in-the-lab" observation (or "field observation"). 
This means actually seeing something work.

And for our purposes, this usually means watching a client improve strength, mobility, or recovery (in a lab, or maybe just in a gym).

Or helping someone face-to-face solve an imbalance with a therapeutic tool.

Just because there isn’t a peer reviewed study to back it up, doesn't mean it didn’t happen. The obvious problem with this... is that you have to trust the source.

Our work

Our goal—at the very, very core—is to help you become healthier and happier.

We’re not limited by how to accomplish that either.

We create information products and ebooks that help you become more efficient, get focused, and perform better.

We use earth-grown nutrients and natural supplements to help you get better sleep and de-stress.

And like I said earlier, we do things differently.
All for the purpose of helping you reveal your best self.